The Celebrity Collections is so named because it comprises personal papers and items donated by Singapore pioneer artistes. It includes the Lucien Wang collection, Shen Peng Kwang collection, Kwai Cheng Peng collection and the Leong Yoon Pin collection.
Mrs Lucien Wang (1909–2007) is Singapore’s pioneer musician and music teacher. She has taught famous musicians in Singapore, to name a few, Lim Jing Jing, Ong Lip Tat and Toh Chee Hung. In 1979, she received the Public Service Medal (Silver) from President Sheares, a first for a local musician. Among her collection are her private letters, official correspondence, photographs, scores, books, paintings and calligraphies by pioneer Singapore artists like Lim Hak Tai, Pan Shou and Shi Xiang Tuo. To watch related video, click here.
Prof. Shen Ping Kwang (b. 1922) started his music teaching career in 1958 in Sabah. In 1974, he and his family moved to Singapore where he was offered the post of senior lecturer at the Institute of Education (Music Dept). He also became Vice-President of the Singapore National Theatre Composer Circle. He was also the Honorary President of the Association of Composers (Singapore), Consultant of the Lion City Poetry Association (Singapore), Founder of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Music Department), Founding President of the Hua Xia Philharmonic Society and Chairman of the National Theatre Club. Among his collection are books, CDs, cassette tapes and scores.
Mr Leong Yoon Pin (1931–2011) was a Singapore composer, conductor and educator. He provided consultancy to Nafa in the set up of Nafa’s Music department in 1982. He was honoured with the Cultural Medallion. Among his collection are his private notes, correspondance, scores, books and memorabilia.

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